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Welcome to Last Roll of the Week with Red Dice Diaries, where we talk about RPGs, offer hints, review books and other stuff to use in your own games.

I’m currently prepping to run The Enemy Within campaign for WFRP 4E, we’ve done a bit of character gen and I’m enthused to get started, but need to get myself up to speed on the current iteration of the rules. One of the things I find useful is a cheat or reference sheet so I’ve decided to create one using Obsidian Notes.

I’d really love you to get involved in the conversation so we can get some back-and-forth going on this subject, you can leave us a voicemail at:

Or email us at, either sending us a sound file or a written email.

If I get some responses I’ll put them together in an episode and we can hopefully get an interesting discussion going and learn something from each other.


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