A grand idea indeed. I've often considered that Dolmenwood and the Midderlands should be part of the same world. I'd love to see how this developes.

I have similar ideas about Bastionland. With its flagrant disregard for conventional time and space, I've often wondered how I could incorporate a wide variety of stuff into that world. The trouble with me is, I spend a lot of time thinking and not much time doing.

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How would you compare/contrast midderlands to Dolmenwood? I'm short on reading time and was considering getting one of them..mostly for running a bit more fairytale like campaign (yeah I heard Dolmenwood can be a bit dark..not for kids) for a mixed group of folks who aren't normally into high fantasy or grim dark. I understand if it's one of those...too long to go into in a comment things.

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If you wanted to extend the campaign ito mainland Europe you could consider throwing the excellent Helvéczia: Picaresque Fantasy RPG into the mix.

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I think of this too. Operation unfathomable, stonehell, arden vul, UVG all have lingered in my mind. I think Imay have played a session with you in barrowmaze, Cody killed me, maybe twice, lol.it was a high body count session!

I like the idea of using barrowmaze sprinkled throughout the map, little dungeons that connect to a bigger thing that may lead somewhere else.

Did you hear that snap? Is that the connection I've needed? Go in one barrow in OU and come out in vaarn? Oooh, my next game may be EPIC.

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